Corny Quantum Jokes

So I don’t know why inspiration struck in this way, but some (very) corny quantum computing related jokes popped into my head recently. I’ve seen some pretty deep ones about Heisenberg, Einstein, etc., but mine are definitely on the cornier / shallower side. Here are a couple … maybe some day I’ll draw them up as one-panel cartoons. I think they might present better that way, if I could ever figure out how to draw a qubit:

  • A qubit is laying on its therapist’s couch. Therapist: “Tell me what’s been bothering you.” Qubit: “Nobody understands me…”.
  • A police officer pulls over a speeding car. By the time she walks up to the driver’s side window, the driver has disappeared. Instead, she sees a sign taped to the window. “Sorry officer, it seems like I’m in a different state right now. Better luck next time.”