Career Hindsight

I was doing a bit of nostalgic self-reflection on my career, and I realized that I have actually worked on the Internet of Things!!

Back in my undergraduate years, I did an internship in the hospital beds division of Stryker Medical. There, I prototyped a system where a hospital bed communicated wirelessly to a central computer, which had a UI that displayed status of the bed … things like, weight of the patient and position of the bed. You could also have a rough “geolocation” of the bed, based on which sensor it was reporting to. I presented this prototype to the president of the division at the end of the summer, and the company eventually turned it into a product line.

Pretty wild to think that I was involved in an early IoT product, haha. Even the AI / ML stuff that I studied for my Master’s Degree are now hot, hot topics. It’s interesting to see how my career has meandered in general, and I would love to find some way to bring it all back together. Apparently I’m not great at predicting future trends, though, so I guess I’ll just have to see how my career unfolds.