Connected Learning Initiative

Project Description

Authoring interface for drag-and-drop question
Authoring interface for drag-and-drop question
The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) project provides learning modules
and assessments to rural schools in four Indian states, and has reached over 60,000 students in 478 schools by 2019. The learning modules will include content for grades 9-11, in Maths, Sciences, English, and Values. My team provided the offline assessment tools as well as a standalone, ePub-based learning management platform used for schools with no school intranet.

My Contribution

Most of my work for this project involved the assessment engine, used to assess student knowledge. I worked with a front-end team out of Utah, who developed an authoring interface and student assessment tool. My contributions for this project span the entire stack, and also include documentation.

  • Assessment engine in Python, to handle 11 question types.
  • Deployment jobs in Jenkins.
  • Configuration of S3 buckets and EC2 instances for tool testing and assessment authoring.
  • Documentation for the authoring interface (for teachers in the schools).
  • Documentation of the student response format, used by the CLIx research team.
  • Jenkins jobs to help with the publishing workflow, to transfer assessments created online into an offline-compatible format.
  • UX improvements to the authoring tool, using React / Redux.

Code Repositories

Server-side assessment engine to evaluate and store student responses

Assessment authoring tool and assessment player

Documentation for teachers authoring content