Project Description

A multiple choice question for graphing a function
Fly-by-Wire adaptive assessment for college algebra

Fly-by-Wire is a First in the World Department of Education grant awarded to MIT, with Karen Willcox and Vijay Kumar as the co-PIs. It is the largest Dept of Ed grant awarded to MIT.

We are collaborating with two community college systems to implement an adaptive assessment system for students, based on learning outcome maps in Accounting and College Algebra. These assessments will help students pinpoint their individual areas of conceptual misunderstanding. Instructors will access a dashboard that shows class-level heat-maps as well as individual student progress, so they can better differentiate instruction.

My Contributions

The technology intervention runs from the Fall 2017 semester through the Fall 2018 semester (3 semesters in total). Before this, we created three distinct iterations of the Fly-by-Wire applications, starting with native applications before we wound up with our current implementations.
  • Created the majority of v1 prototype code, with React Native, for the student and instructor facing applications. Demo’d proof of concept to faculty and students.
  • For v1 and v2 applications, created and managed the assessment backend with Python / MongoDB. Also created the question and outcome-map authoring tools for these iterations with React / Flux (question authoring) and Backbone / Marionette (outcome authoring).
  • For v2, we moved to React / Redux, and switched to entirely web-based deployments instead of native applications. I created much of the reducer logic and tied in the UI components to the reducers.
  • For v3 (deployed), many of my v2 contributions remained, but it was a significant re-write of the assessment backend and reducer code. My contributions to the v3 codebase include:
    • Accessibility and UX improvements for deployed student application.
    • Bug fixes and UI features for the deployed instructor application.

Code Repositories

Student application for taking adaptive assessments

Instructor application for creating assessments and viewing results

Shared library