Curriculum Vitae

developing software for drug discovery. experience with modern front-end and back-end technologies.


Client-side – React (with hooks), TypeScript, JavaScript, Next.js, Turborepo

Server-side – Python, Ruby, Java, PostgreSQL

Tools & Testing – AWS, Heroku, Docker / Docker Swarm, Jenkins, CI / CD

Presentations & workshops

2016 – IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute, San Antonio, TX

2016 – Aspen Grove Winter Workshop, Provo, UT

2015Open edX Conference, Wellesley, MA

2014 – Learning With MOOCS, Cambridge, MA

2014 – Opencast Unconference, Cambridge, MA

2013 LINC Conference, Cambridge, MA

2013 – Universal Village Conference, Beijing, China

more details

GitHub – some of my code

StackOverflow – where I contribute to and query within the programming community